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Before you move a single box, it’s time to consider what to do with your new home closets. If your home is being custom-built, ask the developer if they have luxury closet organizers available that will help you organize your closet. Carefully check their options to see if there’s one that fits your lifestyle and needs.

If not, it’s time to call a home organization designer. An experienced expert uses the closet measurements and a list of your needs to create the best custom closets for your home. Choose an expert who offers 3D-rendered designs so you can actually see what the closet will look like. This is a big advantage if your home is still being built. It helps ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises when you’re ready to unpack that first box.

If you’ve bought a condo, don’t despair over your limited closet space. A customized closet can revive reach-in closets, magically creating space.
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Moving into a new home is an exciting experience and soon you’ll be unpacking boxes and dealing with your new home’s closet space. Before you even unpack a box, it may be worthwhile to consider how you’ll use that space.
Make a list of your closet needs. For example, do you have a large collection of shoes or ties that may need a special space? If so, moving into a new home is a perfect time to address those needs.
If your home is still being built, check the available closet plans. Some builders may offer upgrades so you can build a closet that suits your needs. If not, it’s still wise to choose a closet plan that you can work with later. If you love fashion and own a lot of clothes, you’re going to need a large closet and a custom storage solution created just for you.
Contact a home organization expert who can help you make your dream closet a reality. Your closet may include a built-in closet organizer or a high-end closet system—the expert can guide you through the options that work best with your budget. Custom closet organizers for new home closets may include storage islands, fold-out laundry hampers, tie and belt racks, shoe or purse shelves, or customized lighting.
Choose a company that provides 3D-rendered images of what your finished closet will look like. That way you can skip trying to visualize the end product from a pile of sketches. 3D-rendered images make it easy to avoid unpleasant surprises later.
If you bought a condo and are now dealing with their notorious lack of storage space, a customized closet organizer can also help. A good designer can conjure space out of nooks and crannies, gaining you precious inches of storage space.
New home closets provide new challenges but, if you work with a home organization expert, you’ll have the closet of your dreams in no time at all.

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